FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is for high school age youth to create remote controlled robots using the LEGO MINDSTORMS intelligent brick and TETRIX parts. Four teams compete on the same playing field. The teams form two alliances for the tournament match. An alliance partner in one match could be your opponent in the next match.


In 2009, we started our  FTC team FIX IT.   

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Benefits of Being Part of an FTC Team -  Team members can choose from many opportunities.  Here's a sampling of the opportunities some of our team members have explored over the last two years.

  • Learning a programming language
  • Receiving High School credit for FTC activities
  • Learning to design and build robots
  • Travel to Vancouver, Seattle, Las Vegas, and St. Louis
  • Entering the Science Fair, and going to the Canada-Wide Science Fair
  • Winning trophies, prizes and scholarships
  • Learning to use CAD
  • Meeting other teams

But most of all,    Having Fun!!!!!!!!



Roles on a FTC Team  - Team members are encouraged to be involved in 2-3 activities. There's lots to choose from. 

  • Designing Robots
  • Game Strategy
  • Building Robots
  • Programming Robots
  • Building the Playing Field
  • Community Events and Activites
  • Research
  • Testing Mechanisms
  • Scouting
  • Engineering Mentor
  • Programming Mentor
  • Team Manager
  • Talking with other Teams
  • Drive Team at Tournaments
  • Video/photographer
  • Webmaster
  • Reading Game Forums
  • Team Spirit
  • Fund Raising

Some activities must be done by team members, but other activities can be done by supporters of the team.




How to become a member of the FIX IT Team?

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Our FTC team funds the team by running robotics camps  and Library Workshops so other kids can discover the fun of robotics.



These FIRST Tech Challenge teams are part of the Victoria Robotics Club.

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