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In 2009, we started our  FIRST Tech Challenge® (FTC®) team 3491  FIX IT.  See the Awards we've won in Washington State and Las Vegas.

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Meet the Current Members of the 
3491   FIX IT  robotics team!

I'm Duncan Silversides.  This is my fourth year as a member of the FIX IT team, plus five years with FLL teams.

I like designing and building different types of drive systems, including a syncro drive system for an FLL robot that was designed in PTC CREO.

When I'm not working on robots, I like being outside and playing on my curling team. 



AlecMy name is Alec Krawciw. I am 14 years old. I have been working with robots since 2009 when I took a Mayan Adventure camp with the FIX IT team of that year. They had two camps that summer. I liked the first one so much that I just had to go to the second camp too! I got my own robot for Christmas and have been working with LEGO robots ever since.

This is my second year with the FIX IT team. I enjoy building just the regular LEGO and programming when I'm not busy with other homework or volunteering at my Church.



HelenI'm Helen Leslie. This is my second year on the FIX IT team. I enjoy reading and being outside. I like driving the robot.

I try to help the environment by walking and biking when I can. Also, I help with invasive plant removal.



GuyI'm Guy Stoppi and this is my first year on the FIX IT team. 



BenI'm Benjamin Dam and this is my first year on the FIX IT team. 









  FIX IT Team2013/14

Inspire Award, East District, Washington State








Inspire Award, North District, Washington State

Inspire Award, Nevada State Championship


St. Louis for the FTC World Championships!





Think Award, Washington State Championship, January 2012


PTC Design Award, Nevada State Championship, January 2012





Captain of the Winning Alliance, and the PTC Design Award. British
Columbia Championship
, November 2010

Think Award and Winning Alliance, Washington State
Qualifier,  December 2010

Think Award at the
Nevada State FIRST Tech
Challenge Championship Tournament
, January  2011.

St. Louis for the FTC
World Championship





Rockwell-Collins Innovate Award for our omni-wheel drive system at the Nevada State FIRST Tech Challenge Championship Tournament.




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Our FTC team funds the team by running robotics camps  and Library Workshops so other kids can discover the fun of robotics.


Past Members

Hi, my name is Ian Leslie and I am 16 years old.   I used to be in an FLL team, but this is my second year as a member of an FTC team.  The best part of being in an FTC (or FLL) team is that after a while the entire team seems to become friends that you can have fun with. In
my spare time I like to do programming (currently I am focusing on programming
Flash games), I enjoy programming challenges and am looking forward to
programming the FTC robot. I also do a bit of art.

I was with the team for 2009/10 and 2010/11 season.



I'm Katherine Silversides.  This is my sixth year working with LEGO
robots, and my third working with TETRIX.  I enjoy
the planning of the programming, and figuring out just why the robot isn't
doing what we told it to do, or more accurately, what we forgot to tell
it!  When my life isn't involving robots (in one way or another), I'm
a competitive curler and enjoy squeezing in a time for reading a book or two.

I've been with the team from 2009/10 until 2012/13, including two teams
that went to the FTC World Championships in St. Louis.



I'm Devin Campbell. This year is my third year with the FIX IT team. I am not totally absorbed in robotics. I'm also a scuba diver, and amateur rock climber. I'm part of a wrestling team and work at a pizza place.

I've been with the team from the 2009/10 until 2011/12, including one team
that went to the FTC World Championshps.






I'm Alex Ihmels.  I was part of the FIX IT
team for two years.  I like to design underwater ROVs and air planes.  In my spare
time, I am an avid D&D player and war gamer.


I was with the team for the 2011/12 and 2012/13 seasons.



DavidI'm David Van Acken. This is my second year on an FTC team, but I've been on an FLL team
for two years.

I enjoy robotics, swimming, woodwork, and baking. For Halloween, I collect food for the food bank, rather than candy.
Last year, I collected 419 pounds of food.

My favourite thing about FTC is seeing how the robot improves over time. 



My name is Kika Mueller and I am in Grade 9 at Esquimalt High.  I first heard about and met the FIX IT team at the 2010 Vancouver Island
Science Fair.  This is my first time working with any kind of robots.  Besides FTC, I am involved in drama, sewing and music.  I love logic and am hoping to have lots of fun working out the kinks in the robot!

I was with the team for the 2010/11 season.




I'm Megan McQuade-Eid.  I've been on an FLL team for the last five years and am ready for a new robotic challenge.  I joined the FIX IT team at the beginning of December and love naming parts of the robot.  I'm involved with Girl Guides, rowing and skiing.

Megan loves driving the robot.

I was with the team for the the 2011/12 season.




Daniel Wason - member of FIX IT FIRST Tech Challenge TeamI'm Daniel Wason and I'm 14 years old. Last year I was on a FIRST LEGO League team. After about 10 years of playing with LEGO it was fun to work with Mindstorm robots. I saw FTC robots at a provincial tournament and wanted to jump into FTC. My favourite part of the FTC experience is designing and building the robot. Other things I enjoy doing are playing video games, hanging out with friends, and active stuff. 
2009/10 Season


Hello, I am Luc William John Briede-Cooper, but I just go by Luc. 
I was born in London England. That was one year of my live in which I
have no memories and as each moment passed, it became more and more
distant.  As each moment passes as I write I feel the question
pending, lingering in the back of my mind like the distant background of
music; inescapable yet inevitably.  Why are we here?  The
question of the ages that has baffled the minds of the Great and
Wise.  The question I have yet to answer in this brief history of
time in which we live and thrive.  In my search for answers I have
unexpectedly found myself on an FTC robotics team due to the joint persuasive
efforts of Devin and my parents.  This is my FIRST attempt at the
creation of a mechanical mechanism with its own special purpose, unlike us
humans. I was on the team for part of the 2010 season.



Sebastian Sutter - member of the FIX IT FTC team
I'm Sebastian Sutter and I'm 15 years old. I started in 2006 with the NanoStormers in the First Lego League. That year went well for us, winning 1st place in Teamwork at the BC provincial tournament held in Vancouver. One year later, I participated in the Power Puzzle challenge. This year I decided to join the First Tech Challenge to try out the new building system, TETRIX, and for the fun we have as a team. I enjoy building with Lego and TETRIX and also seeing the finished robot on the playing field. Besides FTC, I keep busy with photography, video games and the Air Cadets.



These FIRST Tech Challenge teams are part of the Victoria Robotics Club.