Victoria Robotics Club

Victoria Robotics Club

The Victoria Robotics Club was created to give children and youth an opportunity to build and program robots while exploring the world of science and technology.  We're the home of Victoria-based teams that compete in FIRST competitions.

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FTC RobotIn the fall of 2009, we started a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) team for youth in high school. The team designs and builds robots for competition rounds where they have to form alliances with other teams so their robots can work together to score more points than the competing alliance teams.  Our FTC team is 3491 FIX IT.

The FIX IT team competes at events in Washington State and Las Vegas.  See the Awards we've won and a list of our Events and Activities and twice we've qualifed for the FTC World Championships in St. Louis.  Let us know if you are interested in  sponsoring the FIX IT team.


In the fall,  a FIRST LEGO Teams (FLL) design and build robots to accomplish missions and completes a theme related research project. Some of the research projects have included an energy audit on Spinnakers Brewpub and looking at solutions to the beach erosion at Esquimalt Lagoon. With both their research projects and their robots, the team enters a competition with over 15,000 teams around the world. In the past two years, our team has qualified for the BC Provincial FLL Tournament.   One of our teams competed at the European FLL Tournament in Istanbull!


In the spring, we work with team members to create a demonstration of robotics at local science fairs. One year, they created a Robotic Zoo with everything from a spider to a dinosaur, or tested different ways to build a better robot.  Twice, our team members have been selected to represent our region at the Canada Wide Science fair in the Senior Division.

In the summer, we hold a week long camp or work shops to learn new robotic skills. These workshops have involved building robots to explore a fictional Mayan Temple and trying to rescue a stranded scientific team on Mars using robots. The kids have had a lot fun with challenges while learning more about the capabilities of their robots.  Find out more about upcoming Mayan Adventure Robotics Camps.