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The Circuit Stormers are the 2009/10 British Columbia 

FIRST LEGO League Provincial Champions

Helen Leslie, Duncan Silversides
Liam Donaldson, Michael Furmek


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Jan. 9, 2010

Our team was in the first match, right after opening ceremonies.

Circuit Stormers did well, but the team we played against got 380. They were first place and we were second place. Those positions held all through round one and part way into round two.

Next on the schedule for Circuit Stormers was the research project presentation.  Everyone knew their lines, they had done their research and all the props worked!  The questions went well.

After that, we had some free time and got to talk with other teams.

Then it was off to the technical interview.  The team had completely redesigned their robot after the November qualifying match.  Circuit 1 did well, but they wanted to do better.  The tem wanted to try a new design, even though it meant rewriting every program and building some new attachments.

We were in the last match of round 2 at 12:45. It was amazing. The kids started the robot and off it went. As each of their missions finished, everything went great. They kept chanting "Go Circuit Go"!

When the clock ended they had a perfect 400 score!

It happened that a newspaper reporter was there at that moment. He interviewed and photographed the team.

Our third match was scheduled for 1:05. It was a good thing the kids had already made their plans! They spent most of those 20 minutes talking with the reporter. The team had almost no time to discuss what to do in the final round. But they knew what they wanted, and they had even planned to skip a mission, just to make sure they had lots of time.

The third round was pretty good, but not perfect. As soon as Circuit stopped in the target area, they had alerted the Ref they would like a rescue (that took some explaining!). He helped retrieve their robot and they set up for the special mission. Circuit headed off for the bridge, stopped using the light sensor on the lines beside the bridge, backed gently into the wall to align itself, and started up the bridge. It was heading up the ramp, but a wheel slid into the open center, it was stuck (but parked on the yellow bridge).

The kids knew their plan. As the kids went the grab Circuit, even the MC was saying "Try it again, you've got time".

They lined Circuit up and off it went again. This time, the aligning went better and Circuit made it all the way across the bridge to the red area!

The kids were as excited with the third run as the second!

After that run, all that was left on the schedule was the teamwork interview. 

They were creative and came up with a good solution to the challenge.  Best of all, they had fun solving it.

When the awards were called, Circuit Stormers were first in Robot Performance. (Duncan is carrying that trophy on behalf of the team.)

And then, they won the Champion's Award.  (Helen is carrying that trophy on behalf of the team.)

The team had a great day!


The Circuit Stormers are the 2009/10 British Columbia 
FIRST LEGO League Provincial Champions!  

Helen Leslie, Duncan Silversides
Liam Donaldson, Michael Furmek


Teams that win a Championship Tournament are qualified to compete at a World Event.  For 2010, there are three championship events being held around the world  (Istanbul, Atlanta, and Taiwan).


The Circuit Stormers have been invited to compete at the European event in Istanbul Turkey in April 2010!





Shelly Author Profile Page said:

Time is wizzing by and the Circuit Stormers have been incredibily busy with "meeting the media". Now that we are all gearing up for a month of fundraising I wanted to take a moment to share with all the team about how proud I am of your great Victory at BCIT!!!

The day was quite exciting and the energy incredibly positive! You all worked very well together, being respectful of each other and the other children at the tournament.

Plans for Turkey are underway and so much more to be done. I look forward to working with everyone in your quest to engage with children from all over the world. You must all be very excited!!!

Congratulations, keep up the great work... or is that... play?!