St. Louis 2011


FIX IT, Team 3491, is going to  FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship Event in St. Louis, Missouri on April 27-30, 2011!

Watch the matches live! Find the times for FIX IT or the Hurricanes.

We've rebuilt and tested our robot, which is now named L1MB0.  We went to a scrimmage in Seattle with 6 other teams who will be at the World Championship.  

We've made a new team banner.



Everything is packed, and now, we're off to St. Louis!

Oh, wait, they've just closed the St. Louis airport!

The good news is that it's suppose to open the day before we leave.


Many FIRST events have live broadcasts over the internet.  You should be able to follow the action on the Live FIRST broadcast by NASA, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Any times you see posted or hear announced will be for St. Louis time zone.  If you are on the west coast, St. Louis is 2 hours earlier.

In past years, there have been different windows, one for each of the fields.

FIX IT  3491   -  FIRST Tech Challenge

FIX IT will be on the Edison Field.  The other FTC field is Franklin. FIX IT will be playing in 7 qualifying matches on Thursday and Friday.

Round Day Match St. Louis Time Victoria Time
1 Thu 15 11:31am 9:31am
2 Thu 28 1:52pm 11:52am
3 Thu 38 2:57pm 12:57pm
4 Fri 54 after 1:00pm after 11:00am
5 Fri 66 after 1pm after 11am
6 Fri 84 10:22am 8:22am
7 Fri 107 1:45pm 11:45am

NOTE: matches 4 and 5 have been reschedule again to "after lunch" on Friday. Matches started late on Friday morning so you'll probably have to go by the match number to determine when matches will be running.

All FIX IT matches will be on the Edison field.

Watch the matches live!


Hurricanes  -  FIRST LEGO League

The Hurricanes, a local FLL team will be at the FLL World Festival this year.  Their qualifying matches will be live on Friday, and they may show their practice rounds on Thursday too. Here's the schedule for the Hurricanes.

Friday  April 29  - Einstein Field

Match Number St. Louis Time Victoria Time
12 11:10 am 9:10 am
26 12:35 pm 10:35 am
39 2:40 pm 12:40pm


Of course, the schedule could change, and they may be running early or late depending on the events.  If we find out about schedule changes, we'll try to post the new times.