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Questions for Allergist

  1. How are allergies treated?
  2. What is pollen made out of?
  3. How does the immune system recognize different particles?
  4. What are some new research strategies that might help people with allergies?
  5. Would preventing allergen particles from entering the nose be effective for people with inhaled allergies?


Questions for Nanotechnology Scientist


  1. What is a nanobot?  How are they powered?  How difficult is it to create a nanobot to do a specific task?
  2. How could a nanobot recognize different particles or molecules?
  3. Would a nanobot be smaller than an oxygen atom?


Ask a Nanotechnology Scientist


Ian said:

Any one got any research ideas?

Ian said:

Have you found any ansers
to our "ask the nanotechnology expert"
Questions, devin?

Ian said:

More questions for an allergist:
1. Which type of allergy is the most common in your practice?
2. Which type of treatment / medicine do you find most effective?
3. If you were a magician and could make the perfect allergy medicine – what would that medicine be like?
4. What kind of new medicines, do you think, will be coming up the the near or far future?
5. Do you think nanobots will be part of that?

Allison said:

Good questions Ian.

Ian said:

Hi, me Sebastian and Devin
still have to come up with the solution how to stop allergens coming up the nose.

My idea is to have nanobots
floating in and around the nose which, when in contact with a allergen take an atom away and add it to the next allergen it comes across.
Having them floating ONLY around the nose will reduce the chances of it coming across something that rejects

Plz post a comment if you don´t like it or if you see something wrong with it.


Katherine said:

1. The nanobots might not get all the allergens.

2. How would it know which atom to take away from the molecule?

3. Could the nanobot just add the carbon dioxide to the allergen? There's already lots of it in the air.

4. Will you have props for Monday to show how it might work?

Allison said:

Here is a good site on allergic rhinitis

Allison said:

Dose anyone know of a place where I could find numbers on allergic sufferers because I can't find any.

Ian said:

I found that on
It says that"it is estimated that 45 million Americans now suffer from some form of allergy."

I don´t think it says anything more about how many are allergic, but you can check if you want to anyway.

Sebastian said:

According to and approximately 20-25% of Canadians suffer from allergies (allergic rhinitis). I think we should use Canadian statistics.

Sebastian said:

I just looked at
Population of Canada 32,623,490. 20%-25% would be about 6.5 to 8 million sufferers.

Allison said:

Thanks for the numbers. The only problome is that everywhere I look there are different numbers. I think I'll just use 5 million because it's in the middle.