Las Vegas 2013


After much discussion, debate, rebuilding, and testing, we'd like to introduce our newest robot, Crystal.

Crystal is a 6 wheel drive robot, with omni wheels on the front and back for smoother driving. She has a narrow chassis for maneuverability. Her ring holder moves vertically on linear slides to reach the top peg. Crystal has two touch sensors that are used to identify weighted rings, and an IR Sensor used in some of her autonomous programs. Crystal sports zebra print side panels in striking green and black colors.


Crystal played the game well at the Las Vegas FTC Tournament. She was able to identify and score a weighted ring during our qualifying matches. She had a few challenges but ended up in the middle of the rankings after qualifying rounds. We were delighted when the 4th Alliance choose the FIX IT team as the first pick. 

It was a rough match with Crystal getting knocked over during the driver controlled period. In the second match, the alliance captain's robot was badly damaged. The other alliance had won two matches and we were knocked out.

We were delighted to be nominated for two awards (Think and Innovate) and very excited when the FIX IT team won the Inspire Award.


We're off to St. Louis for the FTC World Championships in late April.