Robot Make-over


Getting Ready for the FTC 2013 World Championship in St. Louis

There will be 128 FTC teams from 16 different countries around the world competing at the World Championships this year.  It's an amazing opportunity to see how different teams solved the same challenge.    

Our team has been busy getting the robot ready.  While Crystal, the robot that competed in Las Vegas, did well at playing the game.  She's getting a make-over for the World Championships.  Here's a picture of Crystal just before she left for Las Vegas.  


Thanks to our newest sponsor, Reliable Controls, we've ordered some new tires that should improve the stability of the drive system; new sensors to use in our autonomous programs, and upgraded some of the electronics.  

Usually we only post photos of our finished robot, but here's a picture of Crystal part way through her make over.   Without the side plates, it's easier to see what's going on inside.  

Of course, Crystal is still a work in progress.  We'll post another picture when she's all finished.