ST. Louis 2013


FIX IT, Team 3491, is going to  FIRST® Tech Challenge World Championship Event in St. Louis, Missouri on April 25-27, 2013!

FIX IT will be on the Edison Field.  The other FTC field is Franklin. FIX IT will be playing in 6 qualifying matches on Thursday and Friday.  They won't print a match schedule until all teams have checked in.  We'll post the times as soon as we get them.

Round Day Match St. Louis Time Victoria Time
1 Thursday 3 9:11am 7:11am
2 Thursday 27 11:23am 9:23am
3 Thursday 36 1:11pm 11:11am
4 Thursday 52 2:39pm 12:39pm
5 Thursday 74 4:40pm 2:40pm
6 Thursday 93 6:24pm 4:24pm
7 Friday 110 1:11pm 11:11am
8 Friday 125 2:33pm 12:33pm



There will a live feed from six different fields to cover all the FIRST competitions.  All FIX IT matches will be on the Edison field. You can watch FLL matches on Friday afternoon. They may show FLL practice rounds on Thursday.

Remember, all posted times are in St. Louis.  They are 2 hours ahead of Victoria.  To see a match listed at 10am, you should start watching around 8:50am Victoria.  Matches at the start of the day or after lunch are likely to start on time. However, the matches run in match# order in sequence so actual start times may be a bit early, or more likely a bit late.


Watch the Matches!




                          Crystal,  our robot!



On the way to St. Louis, we stopped in Seattle to spend some time with FTC 417 Swerve Alpha. Their sister team's robot, Mr. Pickles (Swerve Sigma 6220), is already on his way to St. Louis. So we had team members being partner and opposition robots, while we ran some practice matches with Crystal.

It was fun listening to the field coaches telling the 'robots' what to do!

Swerve will have extra team members at Worlds, so they're going to help the FIX IT team with everything from scouting to pit crew to field coaches. Tonight was our first chance to work together and it seemed to go well.