Night before Tournament Poem


‘Twas the night before tourney
And all through the house
Not a computer was stirring
Not even a mouse

The robots were tucked
All snug in their case
In hopes of great missions
Launched from home base

The kids were in jammies
The coach, she was too
Wondering if their hard work
was enough to get through

When down in the basement
There arose such a clatter
Coach jumped from her bed
To see what was the matter

Away to the door
She flew like a flash
Turned on the light
Then there was a CRASH!

The fluorescent lights
Shimmering down on the clock
Gave a sight to behold
For coach and peacock

For what to her wondering eyes
Should appear
But a bevy of elves
With a cold case of beer

More rapid than DSL
Those little guys came
They whistled and shouted
And called out their names

Now! Codeman! Now Sensor!
Now, Tester and MayGo!
On, Robust ! On, Wheeler!
On, Teamwork and Lego!

To the top of the stairs
And open the gate
Now test away, test away
Fix that wheel mate.

With gracious professionalism
And a wink of their eye
They met each obstacle
With a cheer and a cry

So up to the table
Those little guys flew
The robot fed dinner
For elves and birds too

And then they jumped down
No one got hurt
Stormy pushed in the chairs
And swept up the dirt

One was dressed in red
Another is blue
But most were in black
With a few in grey, too

A bag full of beams
They flung on the table
They engineered, fixed
And mended where able

Their eyes how they twinkled
As they sucked back the drinks
All over 21
Clearly, methinks

They chattered and laughed
Until the wee hours
Working marvels and wonders
On that robot of ours

Suddenly and sadly
As quickly as that
They undid their work
And tidied the mat

Then being fuel efficient
elves that they are
In the hydrogen car
they headed somewhere afar

Driving out in the night
A chorus of elves
sang "Sorry sweet children
You must do it yourselves"

Written by Christine Nicholls

With deference and thanks to Clement Clarke Moore


In case you were confused, a Peahen raised her chicks in the field behind my house that year.  The room with our practice table looks right into the field.  The team spent lots of time watch the peachicks throughout the fall.