Polar Game


One of our original team members is too old to be part of the team this year.  Rather than miss out on all the fun, he's created a game based on the Climate Connections theme.

Click on the Earth to download the game to your PC.

Author:  Ian Leslie


The "Polar Game" is a fun 10 Level game where you have to save the earth by collecting energy saving objects while also solving puzzles and dodging cars that will run you over if you give them the chance. In short "Survive and save the earth!"

The game will end after you finish Level 10, or you can hit esc if you want to end at a lower level.

The game is in .exe format.  When you start the download, you may receive a warning about the potential for viruses because of the .exe format.  The file was scanned for viruses before it was loaded to our website.