Beach Erosion Around the World

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Pacifica, California coast after major storms in 1997 destroyed the houses shown above.
The very soft cliffs that are being easily eroded . 

They are putting in brake waters in to try to help the erosion stop



Many stretches of the East Anglia, England coastline are prone to heavy of erosion, such as this collapsed section of cliffs at Hunstanton, Norfolk. 
They are trying to stop it by putting groynes and other artificial measures  to keep it under control but all it did was speed up the erosion.


Artificial Reef in Australia

Australia's Gold coast city has beach erosion problems and it threatens to destroy one of the roads leading to surf reefs. Ken Lambert invented a giant sloped triangle and put it in the water and it stopped the eroding on the beach and road.

The reef was made of car tires and heavy duty plastic straps.

The place of the artificial reef was, give take or a few meters.

In addition too providing the potential for beach restoration and great waves, in an easily accessible place the design was:

  • cheap
  • impact absorbing
  • easily shaped and modified
  • well anchored structure
  • A robust structure which could survive the huge cyclonic seas that visit this area
  • A structure that would be relatively impervious to boat anchors and boat propellers
  • A structure not prone to sinking into the sand
  • A robust structure with cheap easily replaceable modules
  • Additionally the vertical tunnels and spaces between the columns, that were not filled by the natural movement of sand, would provide a safe attractive habitat for small fish and other aquatic organisms
  • Another environmental gain was that the Gold Coast's over supply of used tyres would be recycled into a non-polluting economically advantageous project




We need to quit building so close to these cliffs. This is just natural erosion from mother nature.