Weather and the Coburg Peninsula


The north end of the Coburg Peninsula Did shelters the bridge and the entrance to the lagoon from high waves.

All through January 2008, there were high tides. 

There had been some rainfall that drained from the Colwood delta into the lagoon. The rainfall created high water levels on the lagoon side of the peninsula.

On January 4, 2008, there was a high wind storm. The winds were from a different direction then normal West winds. These high winds, coming from a different direction, changed the direction of the waves.

These waves crashed over the north end of the spit causing erosion around the bridge and reduced the height of the barrier spit by 1 meter.

The lowered height and reduced size of the barrier spit is less effective in acting as a breakwater protecting the mouth of the lagoon.

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This Photo is of the spit before the storms