Curved Breakwater


The solution we came up with for the erosion problem at Esquimalt Lagoon was a curved breakwater. It would be made of a clear material and have holes at intervals to allow water through. The side that would be facing the ocean would look like a crescent moon so as to neutralize the wave energy and rebound the waves onto themselves.


  • It would have to above the height of the high water level and people would see it.
  • In a storm, there would be lots of water moving at high speeds that could effect other areas.
  • More work needs to be done to figure out what it should be made from, what would be the best shape, and the footprint on the ocean floor.
  • A solid structure breakwater will change the shape of the beach.
  • Increased costs? 


  • The power of the waves should be dissipated into the ocean and not onto the beach.
  • The breakwater will allow water to move around it so that water will still be able to flow in and out of the lagoon.
  • It could be designed with a walk way for pedestrians, creating a opportunity for tourism.
  • It's an innovative solution that our team came up with!


We think the breakwater would have to be 150 meters long to protect the north end of the spit.  Unfortunately, we don't have a cost estimate.