Saint Louis - Day Four


It was another early day. We were back in the Dome by 7:30am cheering on three teams from the Pacific Northwest who were one of the final four alliances for our division. One of the teams, RCXRM is from BC too!

It was fun to have some teams we knew in the finals. Here's a picture of all the teams from the Seattle, Robert's Creek and Victoria.


Pacific Northwest Alliance at FTC World Championship 2011


This picture was taken after our closing ceremonies. We had a great time, learned lots, and are looking forward to building on it for next year.

After our closing, we stayed to see the FLL closing ceremonies. The Hurricanes had a challenge with their robot. At first, it was very low scoring. They figure it was the new mats changed the traction for their robot. They worked hard to reprogram every mission. On Friday, their scores kept going up and up. They started with 300, then it was 350. Their final run was 360. It was great to see how much better their robot got over just a few days.



Here they are at their closing ceremonies.


We loved the hotel where we stayed. The lobby had an amazing fountain with statues of from the Lewis and Clark expedition. Our team got creative and fun with these photos of our group.


FIX IT 3491 at hotel in St. Louis


playing with FIX IT hats


After everything wrapped up, there was a final party on Saturday night. They had lots of different entertainment options. There was Karoke, and we sang our "We will FIX IT" song. The talent show was amazing. There was a band in another room, and then there was arcade. It had everything from video games to air hockey tables. There were even circus performers.

Katherine spent some of the evening Carolyn from Swerve.



It was a crazy, hectic, loud, exciting few days filled with 'hurry up and wait' moments. We got lots of new ideas, learned more about our software, and are looking forward to next season.